The simple story: For 40 years SCETV owned a building that was certified as being filled with asbestos. They continued to occupy and use it despite warnings, but kept the fact secret from most who worked there and from the parents of minors who attended kindergarten/daycare inside the facility. Because the facility qualified as a school it fell under the strictest federal asbestos AHERA regulations. SCETV attempted to make a fraudulent sale of the contaminated property and unload the cleanup costs on someone else other than themselves or the state who were legally responsible. An unsuspecting buyer fell in the trap, but fought back immediately following the sale and discovery of the fraud. During that fight it was discovered that 1000's of men, women, and children had been exposed. No other building on record has as much asbestos as this one, and tragically, it was the most deadly type known as amosite. After a brief search back in 2001, victims were found who were very sick, and others some were found as already dead (as explained by family members). Many more will absolutely follow simply because the latency period for asbestos can be from 10 to 30 years with smoking being a major catalyst factor. Over time, more and more people will surface who can now easily get a doctor certified asbestosis prognosis. Neither the government of South Carolina nor the press want to publically discuss this story, but that doesn't help the victims who can not be cured of this dreadful damage. Anyone who attempts to deal with this matter is threatened and attacked every way imaginable. Victims and families of victims are often too afraid to come forward and for really good reason. Many state that the only way they will come out is if a trusted legal person, firm, or system comes in to fight the battle. That is a tall order in the South Carolina legal community where truth, accountability, transparency, and the rule of law are rare.

* 1000s of people were seriously is a physical impossibility for them not to have been. Those who have died (first wave) would have very likely been smokers and there would have been no autopsy performed (expensive - $5000 in SC) as no one checks for other lung damage factors if a person is a smoker.

* There are several classes of victims. One to take particular notice of are the documented state prisoners that were forced to remove asbestos from State facilities without any protection or even dust masks.

* Several asbestos experts who actually inspected the SCETV site have expressed a desire to sue both the State and Browning for their own exposure that they claim should have never happened..


Unfortunately, the SCETV asbestos scandal is very complicated.  About the only way to get an idea of the problem is to follow the actions of the SCETV Facilities Manager, Bill Hopkins.

Next time you see a SC State employee, official, or politician, ask them, "WHY?"

"I am a former ETV employee who is disabled because of long term exposure. I spent many hours in the "old" ETV facility on Millwood Avenue in Columbia."

Former or current SCETV employee

"I have just heard from one of my coworkers who had an office beside mine (across from the conference room) has been told he has asbestos (calcified nodules) in his lungs."

Former or current SCETV employee

I am a  retired staff member of  SCETV.  Starting in 19XX and retiring in XXXX. I  worked in and around the Millwood studios for most all of those years and my office was housed in that building for many of those years.   I  also worked in and around the ceilings in both Conference Room A and the  productions studios as well as other parts of that  building. I have tried to keep up with your information and am always eager to hear any new tidbits. I voiced a health  concern over the information as it came out  and was made to feel  that I was not to be concerned. I was then, am now  and will still be."

Former or current SCETV employee

"As far as ETV you probably will find alot. Alot you will never find. Because I believe that ETV is much more than Educational Television. Think about it! Could be much deeper than you would ever imagine! Keep digging and keep me informed! "I would like to know more about ETV and Inez Tenenbaum!"

Former or current SCETV employee

"I would be sitting at my desk and instantly my nose would start bleeding without cause. Sometimes it became a gusher. Along with myself, the rest of the staff suffered from headaches, coughing, sneezing and other symptoms. One lady suffered extreme headaches often and eventually retired. I heard from her later that she had suffered a stroke due to some sort of lesions forming in her brain over a period of years."

Former or current SCETV employee

"My duties required that I regularly work in areas such as above suspended ceiling, in walls, and under floors with no precautions given or mention of asbestos contamination. I understand that information has surfaced that indicates in 1993 SCETV "became aware" of the problem and took no action and possibly falsified documents to OSHA regarding the issue."

Former or current SCETV employee

"I am disabled. Myself and my family have suffered greatly over this situation. I am so surprised that few state employees come forth with their concerns. They are being intimidated as you stated in your book. I support your efforts in getting something done about these environmental dangers in the workplace. It is widespread throughout the many state facilities."

Former or current SCETV employee

"I am not in the loop that knew, nor know now, but understand  from reliable sources that you were so very close to exposing wrong doings by Bill Hopkins, former Facilities Manager for SCETV."

Former or current SCETV employee

"You are so correct in saying that this asbestos problem is huge in SC public and government buildings. I constantly see  the televison commericals for attorneys representing asbestos victims that feel they have been exposed."

Former or current SCETV employee

"While recently at the emergency room from an auto wreck I had a XRAY and was also told I had a  calcification in my lung.  I am now following up with my Dr. in regard to same."

Former or current SCETV employee

"They have (SCETV management) threatened us about talking."

Former or current SCETV employee

"They (other victims) would talk about it to me but would not publicly come forth. Job security and intimidation was the reason. Many had multiple years of service and did not want to lose their job, as I eventually did. It is sad to say that all communications with former friends and employees have been severed. No one will call me on the phone, e-mail or otherwise try to check on me."

Former or current SCETV employee

"Why can't this be stopped? How can I help you?"

Former or current SCETV employee

Inez Tenenbaum's role in the crimes and corruption

What do these two SC icons have in common?double arrow

Fraud * Corruption * Conspiracy

Environmental Crime * Deception * Cover-up

Accounting Fraud

Tenenbaum Lies About Willingness to Address Scandal
What is she hiding? Plenty!

See for yourself....take a tour of the old ETV facility.

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* E-mail Contact 1999-2014 - Over 15 years since the crime began, and both ETV employees and non-employees are still being threatened and denied justice.

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